Serial Analyzer

Serial Analyzer is a tool for monitoring bi-directional serial data traffic using a Macintosh. It requires two serial ports and an adapter board/Cable. I have a schematic and PCB layout for an adapter board for standard RS-232 communications. I also have schematics and instructions for an adapter cable for DB-9 RS-232 communications. If you need RS-485 or some other protocol you need to design and build your own adapter board/cable. The schematics and layout of the RS-232 adapter board/cable are available in DesignWorks Solution’s DesignWorks schematic capture software and Osmond PCB layout file format. See my DesignWorks page here. Since Serial Analyzer is a 100% software solution, best results are had with:

1) A fast computer...

2) ...with no other software running.

3) Dashboard disabled (not necessary, but allows for higher character rates).

4) With the high speed option checkbox checked.

For more information on serial ports or RS-232 see these links:

USB to Serial bridge chips

The adapter board has two serial port connectors at the top for Serial Analyzer monitoring; the connector at the right is the DTE connector and the remaining connectors are DCE, Swapped DCE, and Apple Mini-DIN.

The design also features a power thief for applications where you need to steal power from the RS-232 signal.

Download Serial Analyzer for Macintosh OSX.
Requires MAC OS X 10.4.11 or laterSerialPortAna_files/
Download the DesignWorks schematic and Osmond layout.SerialPortAna_files/
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Serial Analyzer


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The Adapter cable is easily built with almost no tools except for a vise or large pliers to close the IDC D-connectors and a hobby knife. Click here for instructions.


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