SimpleScaleX interfaces to a popular postal scale that was available from Radio Shack (SKU 26-950) and is still available from time to time on ebay and Amazon.

SimpleScaleX supports 16 different units plus raw A/D output. Additionally, it supports a counting mode which allows you to approximately count large quantities of widgets using a known smaller sample size. In its normal accuracy mode, it displays the average of five readings. Optionally, it allows you to average 50 A/D samples for higher resolution (not necessarily more accuracy!). SimpleScaleX is AppleScriptable, see the example script in the download file. This was written in XOJO and I have a page where I describe how I made the application AppleScriptable here.

Download SimpleScaleX for Macintosh OSX.
Requires MAC OS X 10.4.11 or laterUSB_Scale_files/
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Simple ScaleX


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There is an inexpensive, up to date, program that interfaces many scales to the Macintosh. MacScale by Brinscall Software supports several USB scales including this Radio Shack scale. It also has AppleScript support.