7/30/2022  Updates to Schematic Capture, Text Editors, Serial Terminals, Circuit Simulators, and PCB Links.

12/13//2020  God bless you this Christmas as we have to distance ourselves during this time of togetherness.  Mechanical, OpenOCD, Waveform updates.

10/18/2020  Stay Safe during Flu/COVID season, wear a mask and wash your hands. Mechanical, Instruments, schematic, and PCB layout links added.

7/6/2020  Mask up and protect your neighbors. Stay safe during this pandemic. Updates to Inexpensive Lab, embedded, OpenOCD, Pulse Gen, and Math.

Train Pictures & LinksTrains.html
Design & Test Software, and libraries for Electronic Design
I have written several design tools and calculators for schematic capture, schematic library generation,
PCB layout, testing, and lab automation.Electronics.html
Living GreenEco.html
Links for Engineers using Macintosh OS X Computers
Designing electronic hardware, writing embedded software, or just need some simulation with
Apple’s Mac OS X, AppleEvents, AppleScript, or XOJO (aka REAL Studio).Links.html
Software, pictures, & Links.Rocketry.html
LEGO stuff Lego.html
Aerospace Engineering

Every basement needs one of these! 136 cores.