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Range Safety Manager (RSM) is an application for keeping track of model and high-powered rocket flights. RSM can interface with a GPS (USB serial port or Bluetooth) and save the location data in the rocket flight history file. It can also send the coordinates to Google Earth™   as an aid for rocket recovery (Google Earth must already be running).

RSM also interfaces to a once popular postal scale; the Radio Shack 26-950. It has been discontinued but is still available from time to time on ebay.

After the software is launched, the scale must be manually zeroed. If additional resolution is needed you can check the Avg. check box.

RSM allows empty fields so the user can collect only the data that he or she cares about.

As names of rocketeers are entered, they are remembered in the pop-up, so a repeat rocketeer’s name doesn’t have to be retyped.

There are two ways to enter your rocket’s mass. You can enter the motor mass and rocket mass separately or you can enter the combined mass of the two. Just click the button of what you are weighing. After you have weighed and click two of the three weight buttons, the third weight will be filled in.

Do not click the Launched button until the rocket has actually launched. If a rocketeer needs more than one attempt to try to get ignition and then gives up, simply click Done, Misfired and start entering data for the next rocketeer.

When you quit (command-Q) the programs asks you where to save the log file.

Download Range Safety Manager for Macintosh
Requires MAC OS X 10.4.11 or laterRangeSafMngr_files/RSM.zip
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Range Safety Manager

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