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Pulse Generator

Download Pulse 1.3.0b for Windows
Download Pulse 1.3.0b for Macintosh OSX
Requires MAC OS X 10.11.6 or laterPulse_generator_files/Pulse.app.zip

Pulse Generator is a simple program to use a UART (serial port) as a pulse generator. It requires the UART’s baud rate generator to support arbitrary baud rates. So far the only ones I have found are the FTDI family of USB to serial bridge chips.

There is no ability to change the voltage level of the generated pulse beyond selecting different USB to Serial adapters. Adapters are available for 3.3 volt, 5.0 volt, and RS-232 (-10ish to +10ish volts).

Most 3.3 and 5 volt adapters will put out low going pulses, RS232 adapter will put out positive going pulses. Adapters for RS-422/485 will give you both positive and negative pulses at about 5 volts.

The Frequency of the pulses is an approximate and has a lot of jitter as it is controlled by your operating system’s timer. The pulse width is adjustable from 2 microseconds to 48.9 milliseconds, and is accurate. There is also a button to send a single pulse.

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Pulse Generator

Download Pulse 1.3.0b for Raspberry Pi
Download Pulse 1.3.0b for x86 Linux