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RF/Microwave Tools

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RF/Microwave Software Tools

RF Toolbox

A handy set of tools for electronic design, not just RF. Macintosh OS X and Windows.


Design of small and medium scale digital and analog integrated circuits. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

cocoaNEC 2.0

Free. cocoaNEC 2.0 is a Mac OS X application for designing and modeling antennas. cocoaNEC 2.0 supports NEC-2 (included) and NEC-4 (licensed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). Source code for cocoaNEC 2.0 is free for non-commercial use. Macintosh OS X only.

See Lawrence Livermore’s site for NEC-4 information:

MININEC Pro Antenna Analysis Software

Blackcat Systems has a version of NEC software for antenna analysis. Macintosh OS X and Windows.

AppCAD RF & Microwave tools from HP & Agilent

This package includes calculators for Transmission Lines, Transistor Bias Circuits, Cascade Noise Analysis, Transistor Design Data, and more. Although written for Windows, it is well behaved under Wine (Windows emulation) and runs will in CrossOver on the Macintosh without Windows.

Trace Analyzer / Impedance Calculator

Trace Editor will find the impedance of coupled microstrips, coupled striplines, a pair of coplanar traces, and multiple traces coupled through a slot. Many output formats. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

Filter Designer for lumped element filters.

Design of Butterworth, Chebyshev or Bessel lumped element filters. Macintosh OS X only.

Smith Chart

Importation of Touchstone Files, Noise Matching, Two-port Conjugate Matching, Generation of Noise Figure, Gain, and Stability Circles, Noise Figure, Gain, and Stability Rectangular Plots, Matching of Source to Load Conjugate, or Load to Source Conjugate. Macintosh OS X only.

Matchmaker - RF Impedance matching software

Series Capacitor, Series Inductor, Shunt Capacitor, Shunt Inductor, Transmission Line, Open Stub Transmission Line, Shorted Stub Transmission Line, Open Series Transmission Line, Shorted Series Transmission Line. Macintosh OSX and Windows.

Smith Chart

Learn how to use a Smith Chart.

Oscium’s WiPry-Combo for iPad/iPhone

WiPry-Combo peak RF power meter and spectrum analyzer. The power meter is sensitive from 100MHz to 2.7GHz. The spectrum analyzer only covers the WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee band. iPhone and iPad only.

Published Articles by: Steven C. Hageman

A wealth of knowledge.


Free. Amici is an audio Spectrum Analyzer/Tracking Generator application. It is useful in the analysis of baseband signals from a receiver. Macintosh OS X only.


Free. AAplot  works with Rig Expert antenna analyzers (vector impedance meters). Macintosh OS X only.


Free. cocoaModem implements modems for some Amateur Radio modulation modes and weather fax modes. Macintosh OS X only.


A collection of six applications. VSimEM is a 3D electromagnetic simulator and VSimMD is optimized for microwave. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.


Arbitrary transmission line calculator. Finds the properties (Zo, capacitance per unit length, velocity factor, electric-field distribution, etc) of a transmission line or directional coupler. Unlike the well known analytical formulas printed in any book on transmission lines, atlc has great flexibility, as any cross section can be analyzed. Source, can be compiled for Macintosh OS X.

HSPICE Waveform Viewer Download

This HSPICE waveform viewer is useful for engineers running HSPICE simulations routinely. It can display the transient or AC simulation results easily and generate publication quality plots. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

S-Parameter Explorer

Version 1.0 is free. Scattering parameters, or S-parameters, are the most common network representation in RF/microwave engineering. As the digital circuits are operating in the giga-hertz realm, S-parameters become necessary in many areas of electrical engineering. This tool is an S-parameter plotter and viewer. The utility answers the needs of viewing, and common manipulations, of S-parameters. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

XFdtd Release 7 (XF7)

Electromagnetic simulation software. Analysis of complex EM problems using FDTD-based modeling and simulation. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Document that indicates system requirements:


Free and pay versions. A full multiphysics simulation package. AC/DC, RF, Wave Optics, MEMS, Plasma, and Semiconductor modules available. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

Macintosh requirements:


Free and Open Source. The emGine Environment(TM) is a full-wave 3D electromagnetic field simulation environment solving Maxwell's equations in time-domain. It is used for the modeling of high-frequency electromagnetic field in microwave circuits, antennas, resonators, microwave filters, hollow waveguides. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

Macintosh application must be built from source.

A wealth of knowledge.

MxrSpur II

Helps solve Mixer Spurious Problems. MxrSpur II lets you input your Fixed or Locked LO, your swept RF, and monitor the IF output for spurs up to 8LO x 8RF. The program calculates and displays a table of spurious responses up to 10LOx8RF. Macintosh OS X using CrossOver and Windows.

Attenuator, Thermal, Image Rejection, and Cascade Analysis

Web Calculators from Custom MMIC. Attenuator, Thermal, Image Rejection, and Cascade Analysis


Free. Simulate Ls, Rs, C, sources, and transmission lines. The site has many tutorial videos. Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Windows.


A wide range of applets on transmission lines, electromagnetic waves and antennas. Macintosh OS X, UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

Schematic CaptureSchematicCaptureLinks.html


Wcalc is a tool for the analysis and synthesis of transmission line structures and related components. Wcalc provides the ability to analyze the electrical parameters of a particular structure based on the physical dimensions and material parameters. The synthesis portion calculates the required physical parameters to meet desired electrical specifications. Wcalc includes several models and places an emphasis on accuracy. Web based.

RF Engineering Calculators

Several web based calculators and a good list of resources.

All About Circuits Transmission Line Calculators

Edge Coupled Microstrip Impedance Calculator:

All the tools: