Building hints for QtDMM

Download the Qt 4.8.6 package from:

The run the qt installer.

Next, download QtDMM 0.9.0 source from here:

Look in the folder QtDMM-0.9.0  -->  src.

Open and make the following changes:

on line 80 remove    $(QTDIR)/lib/libqt-mt.a    from the end of the line

on line 81 change   QtDMMIcon.icns    to    ../qtdmm.png

Go to a terminal and run the following:

$ cd <downloaddir>/QtDMM-0.9.0/src

$ qmake -makefile -o qtdmm

$ cd ../

$ qmake -makefile 

This should generate Xcode project files you can open and build your application.

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