MOVer and TVSer were written to aid the engineer in the selection of the proper transient suppressor for automotive load dump requirements. This application fills the gap by some versions of Spice that do not converge to a solution with some MOV models. TVSer was written at the request of users who liked the simplicity of MOVer, not for any Spice issue since Spice has no trouble simulating TVS diodes.

The user must fill in the characteristics for either the MOV or the TVS (depending on which application you are running), then the specific pulse requirements and the two resistors in the circuit. If you do not need a load resistor, enter a huge value that will not affect your solution. MOVer includes three sets of results with ‘C’ margined up and down 10%.

TVSer does not provide a margined result like MOVer does. If you need a margined result you need to rerun the simulation with your margined specifications for your device.

Download MOVer &, with documentation, for Macintosh OSX.
Requires MAC OS X 10.4.11 or laterMOV-TVS_files/
Download MOVer &, with documentation, for Windows.MOV-TVS_files/
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MOVer & TVSer Surge protection Calculator


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